Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Status of Agent Emes 10: "The Korruptor"

Hi there eager fans,

The plastic is still warm on #9 at it appears that some are already clamoring for another Agent Emes.

So here's the deal (u know I am always honest with you).

Agent Emes Number 10 is 3/4 filmed already. I have 4 full days of filming to get everything "in the can" as they say.

Here are the problems:

1. Some essential crew members are unavailable
2. It is REALLY COLD now in Shpittsburgh, and we have outdoor scenes to do.
3. Yissachar is getting seriously big (bar mitzvah soon approaching), and he is beginning to not look so much like he did this past summer, when most was shot. So that will be VERY INTERESTING.
4. I have no money left to pay for last days of production.

What???? You ask. No money? How can it be? Isn't Agent Emes like the most popular thing on Jewish earth?

Yes. He (It) is. But that doesn't translate into many copies sold. What can I tell you? Cash flow just isn't there.

It's complicated.

On a positive note: The footage I DO HAVE looks really good.

Hope this satisfies your craving for Agent Emes news.